A full-on hotrod in Candy Tangerine… custom colour. Pickups are by Lindy Fralin (bridge) with a genuine vintage Gibson PAF in the neck. The Joe Barden bridge is standard.

Our bodies are completely handmade, just like the originals were… The heart and soul of the builder is in every guitar we make. And check out the custom-option bound neck – a cool request from the customer.

A precisely hand-filed neck joint ensures full energy transfer from fingers to strings and ensures we can perfect the action to suit the player.

Even the scratchplate is handmade to ensure a perfect fit and elegantly bevelled to make each one a unique example of the custom-makers art. And you just know that under stage lighting this finish is going to look a million dollars… and it does


It’s just a bit of fun really… Strelley is a place near where we live and work here in Nottinghamshire – so we couldn’t think of a better name for our creation that’s a hybrid of a Str*t and a T*le